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It's time to put YOU first and take control of your hormones

Are you tired of feeling, well, tired? Your body is sluggish, your energy is low, and you feel overwhelmed by mood swings, anxiety, loss of confidence and lack of focus.  Perhaps you describe yourself as a raging sweaty mess and can’t remember the last time, you had a decent night’s sleep?

You’re not alone!  These are just a few of the many symptoms associated with your hormones, which can affect you at any stage of life, but particularly when you hit your 40s and enter into the topsy-turvy world of Peri-menopause.

The good news is, you don’t have to feel like this.  What you eat and how you take care of yourself can have a huge impact on your hormone health and overall wellbeing.

1:1 consultations delivered through comprehensive programmes

I work with busy mid-life women to feel happy and content again through a series of 1:1 consultations, that are designed to empower and educate you on the wonderful science of nutrition for hormone health. 

I combine this with lifestyle advice, quality testing and health coaching to keep you motivated and clear on your goals, giving you space to enjoy the process and learn more about who you are, and how your body works. 

My goal is to help you achieve your goals by adopting changes to your diet and lifestyle that you can enjoy for the long term; for these reasons, and through years of experience, I don’t offer one-off consultations. You need to allow yourself time to identify the root causes (physical and emotional), address the myriad of symptoms and emotions that relate to hormone health, to make a lasting, real difference.

My comprehensive 1-2-1 Hormone Health programmes start at £615 and include the following:

  • A course of consultations and support over a 12-14 week period
  • A full, comprehensive health assessment
  • A series of personalised diet and lifestyle recommendations that take into account your medical history, medications, family history, current food and lifestyle habits
  • Recipe and education handouts
  • Recommended supplements (at additional cost)
  • Coaching and support to ensure you are supported at every step of the way and so the plan can be adjusted to suit you
  • Regular reviews of progress to track improvement of symptoms throughout
  • Functional laboratory testing, analysis and education (optional/ programme dependent)
  • A discount for any supplements purchased through or

Programme Terms and Conditions

Below is a summary of the terms of my business that you should be aware of before you decide to contact me:

  • Full payment is required before the first appointment.  Payment terms can be agreed, depending on the programme price and any functional testing that I order for you ahead of you starting your programme.  Payments can be made by card (credit or debit) or BACS transfer
  • All consultations take place via Zoom, you receive a joining link and a reminder before each session.  
  • All catch up calls in-between consultations take place via telephone, and I will call  you.
  • If you are late for a session, or don’t turn up for a session without adequate prior notice and agreement, you may lose that time or the ability to reschedule that appointment
  • I require a minimum of 48 hour’s notice of your intention to cancel or reschedule a consultation
  • Notice of less than 48 hours may result in your appointment being forfeited
  • For your sessions to go smoothly, it is a requirement that you complete all forms that I send you ahead of each consultation
  • To achieve maximum benefit, all programmes are designed to be completed within 12-16 weeks
  • Your appointments will be spaced apart at regular intervals set by me, to ensure you get the most out of your programme, it may not be possible or appropriate to extend the time between each session and you may lose the appointment opportunity instead
  • If it is not possible to complete the programme within 12-16 weeks (special circumstances may apply), the programme may be extended to a maximum of 20 weeks, subject to mutual agreement
  • Any outstanding sessions not taken beyond the 20-week period may be forfeited
  • Full terms of engagement can be found on my website.

Requesting a consultation

If you would like to find out more about working with me, please book in for a free 30-minute mini consultation and we can have that first important conversation about what help and support you are looking for.