Metabolics Genetics Test + 60 min interpretation

Genetics testing provides a truly personalised approach to sustainable weight loss in mid-life & beyond.  Giving you the answers you were looking for all along, with a clear way forward!

“The information the genetics test has given me has equipped me for life!  Understanding the science was the push I needed.  My energy, mood swings & sleep are so much better!”

M – Cornwall

Feeling ‘DIFFERENT’ since hitting your 40’s?

  • Gaining weight DESPITE not changing your diet?
  • Waistline’s EXPANDING like never before?
  • Constant, uncontrollable HUNGER?
  • NEVER satisfied between meals?
  • Just LOOKING at a cake seems to add pounds?
  • EVERYTHING you eat seems to make you gain weight!?


Mid-life is full of surprises! One you might not have appreciated is the changes in your genetic expression that can cause stubborn weight gain.  

While your genes are fixed from birth, their expression depends on the environment in your body.

During peri-menopause, hormonal & metabolic changes alter this environment, exposing the genetic variations that can lead to weight gain in mid-life and beyond!  The great news is, knowing what those variants are will give you a unique insight into how your body works, so you can work with it for great, lasting weight loss results.

Unlock the power of your genes!

I noticed my body shape, my energy AND appetite change in my early 40s, but I didn’t immediately link it to becoming peri-menopausal.  The further I travelled into menopause the harder it became to:

  • Avoid overeating
  • Stop when I was full (because I never felt full!)
  • Maintain a healthy body weight
  • Have enough energy to get through the day


I was doing EVERYTHING I’d done before to stay in shape: watch what I ate, work on my stress, exercise regularly, NOTHING seemed to work.

As a nutritionist I couldn’t ignore the health risks associated with carrying extra weight around my middle.  Health risks that incidentally increase in peri-menopause; such as cardiovascular disease, Type 2 Diabetes, obesity, and Breast Cancer, especially as I had Breast Cancer at 42.  

I turned to genetics testing to understand how my body was programmed to function, and learn what my body needed to stay healthy & strong.

I’m now in control of my future health, in a way I know will work for me!

And it’s why I qualified as a LifecodeGX Nutrigenomics Practitioner

Since providing genetics testing in my private practise, my clients have become empowered to:

  • Regulate their appetites without feeling hungry
  • Lose their sweet tooth without missing sweet foods
  • Lose weight without having to count calories
  • Be in control of their energy, weight & long term health

“In 12 weeks I’ve lost 2 stone in weight, I don’t crave sweet foods anymore, and my energy is transformed!  I haven’t counted a single calorie and the changes I’ve made to my diet have felt completely natural & totally sustainable.”

J – Dorset

The Metabolics Genetics Test will give you the missing pieces to your weight loss puzzle!

Knowing how your body’s programmed & what can do to work with your unique genetic blueprint can be life changing.  It takes away the guess work of desperately trying things that aren’t getting you consistent or lasting results

Genetics testing will tell you EXACTLY why the weight gain has dialled up since hitting your 40s, and how you can:

  • Regulate your appetite, curb cravings & get rid of the insatiable sweet tooth for GOOD
  • Happily forget about snacking between meals
  • Lose weight naturally & sustainably
  • Prioritise eating the foods your body LOVES to burn and avoid the foods it prefers to store
  • Learn what your body needs to kickstart your metabolism and promote fat burning
  • Take back control back of your future health

And when you’re crystal clear on EXACTLY how your body’s built to tick, you can get to work making easy, sustainable changes to your diet & exercise regime to guarantee you’re on the right path to feeling in control of your appetite, weight and energy.

“I was skeptical at first, I’ve never had any health issues that warranted genetic testing.  Until I have a surgical menopause & everything changed.

After taking the test, a lot became clearer.  For example, why I have such a sweet tooth, why my cholesterol is hight, and why I find it difficult to stop overeating.  Now I know exactly how to feed my body right.  This test has enabled me to manage my health in a much better way.”

B – London

Here’s how it works:

  • Buy the test: Click on the link to purchase the test
  • Get your kit: The test kit will be shipped to your door
  • Collect your sample: Follow the instructions to collect your DNA sample (swab inside of your cheek) using the kit provided
  • Send it back: Return the sample (+ the paperwork) to the lab using the provided packaging (postage included)
  • Processing: Your sample will be processed in about 3 weeks
  • Health questionnaire: Complete a health questionnaire about your medical history, medications, and symptoms while you wait
  • Consultation: Once the results are in, we’ll have a 60-minute Zoom call to go over the findings & discuss personalised recommendations
  • Follow-up: You’ll get a detailed but easy to understand report, with my interpretation & recommendations, plus a copy of your results


(NOTE: The Metabolics Genetics Test is not available through your GP, only privately, and can only be accurately interpreted by a qualified LifecodeGX Nutrigenomics Practitioner)